All of our indoor mats are offered on a scheduled cleaning service, which is

exclusive to our mats.

A scheduled monthly service is arranged, whereby the soiled mats are collected and immediately replaced with a clean one, ensuring that there is always a clean, attractive looking, and properly functioning mat.                                                     

                                                         The soiled mat is brought back to our facility where it is laundered in an

                                                           industrial washer using chemicals that clean and sanitise the mat, bringing

                                                              it back to its original appearance and functionality. 

                                                                      Depending on the client’s traffic flow and degree of soiling, the

                                                                          service can be scheduled more frequently (fortnightly/ weekly).


                                                                             Our clients use our service as it is not only more economical

                                                                                than purchasing and having a mat cleaned from time to time,

                                                                                   but it removes a major recurring  maintenance responsibility

                                                                                  and headache.


                                                                               Our service also eliminates the recurring and costly replacement

                                                                         of mats when they have been worn out, so you will never have to

                                                                    worry about purchasing another mat again!



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High Performance
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